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Currentbody Skin LED Mask
Skincare device

I tried the anti-aging CurrentBody Skin LED mask

November 28, 2021

I have been a phototherapy convert with my LED mask for a very long time! It's an effective technology for me, which helps me to maintain a nice glow and a clearer skin texture. But are all LED masks the same? After being loyal to my LG Pra.L mask for years, I tested the one that the brand CurrentBody Skin sent me about 4 months ago. I'm now ready to give you my thoughts!
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ZIIP OX Microcurrent Nanocurrent Skin Device
Skincare device

I tried the anti-aging device ZIIP OX

October 17, 2021

I can see it when I look at my stats on this website, anti-aging devices fascinate you as much as me (my two articles on the topic are in my top 10 most read articles 😆). I started testing a couple of them a few years ago, first with an LED mask, and then I continued with a facial toning device using an electric micro-current, the Trinity from NuFACE. This is the same technique that we're going to focus on today with my test of the micro and nano-current based anti-aging device, the ZIIP OX!
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NuFACE Trinity Device
Skincare device

I tried the anti-aging device NuFACE Trinity

January 19, 2020

Now that I'm in my 40s, I'm more and more interested in anti-aging devices to boost my usual skincare routine! I started with an LED mask and in the last few months I've intensified my treatment with a facial toning device using microcurrent therapy, the NuFACE Trinity. Let me tell more you about my experience, and I'll also show you the results on my skin!
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