NuFACE Trinity Devicedummy
Beauty Device

I tried the anti-aging device NuFACE Trinity

January 19, 2020

Now that I'm in my 40s, I'm more and more interested in anti-aging devices to boost my usual skincare routine! I started with an LED mask and in the last few months I've intensified my treatment with a facial toning device using microcurrent therapy, the NuFACE Trinity. Let me tell more you about my experience, and I'll also show you the results on my skin!
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Paula's Choice Perfectly Balanced Foaming Cleanserdummy

How to cleanse your skin properly

September 22, 2019

Facial cleansing isn't always done properly, yet it's probably the most important step in a skincare routine. Today let's take a closer look at the best way possible to cleanse your skin, and all there is to know about it!
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Face Sunscreen Guide 2019dummy

Face Sunscreen Guide 2019

June 23, 2019

Hello, my name is Bonnie, and I am a pathological face sunscreen tester. My ultimate goal: finding the perfect everyday sunscreen! So I test a lot of them, all the time. Here is my Face Sunscreen Guide for 2019! ;)
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