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The history and the description of the concept of the American luxurious green skincare brand May Lindstrom.

When you think of a green skincare brand, that doesn’t compromise on the quality of its formulas but remains very sensory and luxurious, only one name comes to mind: May Lindstrom.

If you prefer natural formulas but still don’t want to give up on the beautiful packaging and the sensoriality of the textures, you definitely came to the right place!

May Lindstrom’s products have been a hit with clean skincare worshipers since the brand’s debut in 2012.

And contrary to what you might think when you see the products mentioned in very chic  lifestyle magazines, May Lindstrom is definitely not a pretentious skincare brand.

With May Lindstrom, there’s no industrial assembly lines. Each product is lovingly concocted by May Lindstrom and her team in California.

They choose the best quality ingredients to be able to achieve very effective and ethically made formulas.

Let’s see all this in more detail:


The brand’s origins:

May Lindstrom seems to have had several lives before creating her eponymous skincare brand.

As a true esthete since the beginning, she first studied art and was a painter for several years but for a moment, she also wanted to pursue a career as a chef. But a few years later, she went on a very different path and worked as a model for a few years and she also was a green makeup artist for a while.

For May Lindstrom, nature is a real blessing that needs to be preserved as much as possible.

You can clearly feel the influence of all her diverse experiences in the brand she created afterward. May Lindstrom’s nickname is the “skin chef”. The products in her range include many yummy ingredients such as some antioxidant chocolate powder, soothing vanilla, healing honey or stimulating spices! And May Lindstrom prepares her products like sophisticated recipes, where each ingredient is sublimated and the final formula is harmonious and delicate on the skin, like a chef’s recipe.

She didn’t start completely from scratch regarding the cosmetic products’ formulation, because as a little girl, she was already brewing some special “potions” for her friends with some red clay and herbs she found in her garden in Northern Minnesota!

A few years later, she decided to create her own products because she was experiencing some issues with her skin. She always had a very sensitive skin type (with eczema, redness etc) and all the heavy makeup she had to wear for the photo shoots during her modeling career didn’t help her condition.

She realized that her skin was very sensitized because of several chemical ingredients. She did a lot of research to determine which natural ingredients were the purest and the most effective because she wanted to create “clean” products, but her skincare range had to be able to give great results.

May Lindstrom’s skincare range was born with the desire to favor organic ingredients, which grow as naturally as possible and with environmentally friendly methods of harvesting. For May Lindstrom, nature is a real blessing that needs to be preserved as much as possible.

The brand’s concept:

May Lindstrom created her eponymous brand around 2010. The exact date of launch is 2012 but the design of the first products took several years.

Indeed, regarding her products, May has a very high quality demand! Each product is formulated, hand blended and bottled by May and her team in her private California studio. She controls precisely what goes into the composition of her products, avoids unnecessary chemicals, and favors small producers for her ingredients, with whom she has a trustworthy relationship for years.

The quality of the ingredients is extremely important, of course, but how they are harvested also counts for May. Traceability is essential to her and she only works with producers with the same values.

However, trust cannot be built in a few days and as you can imagine, finding the best ingredients as well as producers working with the same ethical values is not an easy process and it takes more time!

But May Lindstrom has an essential quality, very useful in this business: she’s very patient and she knows that quality takes  time.

Quality is indeed at the very heart of the May Lindstrom range. The quality in the formulas, of course, but it’s also in the packaging and the experience you have when you use the products, because according to May: “You should bookend your day with something luxurious, to help you deal with all the madness that goes in between.”

May Lindstrom products have therefore been conceived as a complete sensory experience, where everything counts:
  – the aesthetic and visual appearance with the exceptional packaging, representing a vision of extremely luxurious green beauty,
  – the senses are also awakened with intoxicating scents and surprising textures,
  – but there is also a real sense of “ethical satisfaction” when you know the beautiful values behind the brand.


May Lindstrom’s characteristics:

The May Lindstrom Skin range includes only seven products. May Lindstrom’s skincare approach is very minimalist and purification is at the heart of the brand, with four cleansing products.

The May Lindstrom collection includes:
  – a cleansing oil: The Pendulum Potion,
  – a face cleanser/ face mask:  May Lindstrom The Honey Mud ,
  – an exfoliant product: The Clean Dirt,
  – a purifying face mask:   May Lindstrom The Problem Solver ,
  – a face mist: The Jasmine Garden,
  – an oil serum: The Youth Dew,
  – a repairing face balm: May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon .

Most products can be mixed with each other, the brand favors an “intuitive” and simple way of using the products.

May Lindstrom’s skincare routine is meant to be like a “ritual” where you take the time to feel the benefits of each product on your skin. The intoxicating scents of the products are indeed a real invitation to escape and relaxation.

The packaging of the products is also a real treat because they’re absolutely gorgeous: heavy bottles in a very dark purple glass, almost black, with the very pretty golden dandelion, the logo of the brand.

These are really beautiful objects, you definitely want to keep them once the products are finished!

As you can imagine, this luxury and quality come at a certain price. The products are definitely not cheap. But for most of them, the sizes are very generous, it really takes time to finish the products! And, by buying May Lindstrom products, you also pay for a certain quality approach, where you know that each of the people involved in every step of the products’ manufacturing has been paid fairly.

Also, just for the record, you may want to watch closely May Lindstrom’s Instagram and subscribe to her newsletter (on her website). There are sometimes offers around her birthday’s date (late May) and Black Friday (late November).


May Lindstrom products’ reviews:

May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon : review to come.

May Lindstrom The Problem Solver


"The May Lindstrom problem solver is a jet-black fusion of antioxidant-rich raw cacao, healing bamboo charcoal, soil nutrients, salts, and exotic warming spices go deep on a mission to reveal your most radiant self."

Product size:

+ Pros

- the gorgeous packaging, very luxurious,
- the very "clean" formula, with natural high-quality ingredients,
- the scent to die for (chocolate and spices, yummy!),
- the fact that you have to prepare it, which gives an impression of a ritual, very spa-like,
- it takes a long time to dry, and has no drying effect like some other clay masks do,
- it gives a beautiful glow,
- it helps to even the complexion, it reduces the skin redness,
- it smoothes the skin,
- it lasts a very long time (it's a powder and you don't need a lot so it lasts for months).

- Cons

- the price but considering the quantity of product, the price is finally lower than that you would think,
- I'm very clumsy, I am always afraid with heavy glass jars (they look nice and fancy but they likely break easily!),
- the distribution is quite selective, it's not an easy product to find (it's mostly available online).


Feeling on the skin
Formula/ ingredients
Efficiency/ Result
Value for money

May Lindstrom The Honey Mud


"An exquisitely distinctive union of raw honey, white halloysite clay, silver, and aromatic plant oils marry to envelop you in an intoxicating and highly addictive ritual.
This silken, pudding-like treat infuses skin with active enzymes while restoring your optimal hydration and individual rhythm."

Product size:

+ Pros

- the gorgeous, very luxurious packaging,
- the super "clean" formula, with very high-quality natural ingredients,
- the delicious scent (honey, chocolate, orange and vanilla, oh I could eat it!),
- it doesn't really dry, it remains very comfortable during the treatment,
- it visibly brightens the complexion,
- it's very gentle, the skin is clean without feeling stripped,
- the softness of the skin after the treatment,
- the soothing effect, the skin is really calmed after the treatment,
- the comfort, the skin is nourished durably but without any greasy residue.

- Cons

- the texture is a little sticky when you apply it, you have to get used to it at first,
- the retail price but the quality/price and quantity/price ratios are excellent,
- I'm very clumsy, I'm always afraid with heavy glass jars (they look nice and fancy but they're likely to break easily!), I think maybe I need a protective case like for my phone!,
- the distribution is quite selective, it's not an easy product to find (it's mostly available online).


Feeling on the skin
Formula/ Ingredients
Efficiency/ Result
Value For Money


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