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“Honey skin” is a new skincare trend. But what does that mean, exactly? And what does it have to do with honey?

These last months, “honey skin” often came up in the skincare blog posts I read and I also saw it mentioned in some beauty magazines. So I guess it’s a thing!

Like many skincare trends at the moment, this notion of “honey skin” comes from South Korea! In the country where taking care of your skin is an act that is as natural as eating or sleeping, it’s actually one of the most beautiful compliments you can make to someone, man or woman.
Of course, this trend is especially visible on social media like Instagram. The term #꿀피부, which means “honey skin” in Korean, refers to almost 200,000 results, which shows that there is clearly a growing interest.

A honey skin means that the skin is not only beautiful and hydrated, but also very luminous, with a sheen reminding of honey. The complexion looks fresh and dewy,  the skin is plump and almost looks wet. (an example here)

Obtaining this “honey skin” is the ultimate quest in South Korea, and is the result of an impeccable skincare routine to get and keep that glow. The goal here is to have a skin so perfect and radiant that you can go foundation-free. And the glow is not achieved by the use of highlighters and other cream blushes. It’s really the choice of the skincare products that make all the difference.

From what I could read here and there, the skincare products used to obtain this very luminous skin are very moisturizing products such as essences of course, brightening products like vitamin C and exfoliating acids, but also nourishing oils that give this dewy effect on the skin (not to be confused with greasy shiny effect, no excess of sebum here!) and of course, all kinds of moisturizing creams.

To preserve this glowy aspect, the people who want “honey skin” don’t hesitate to use all kinds of moisturizing and treating mists during the day. The latest trend for this type of product? “Oil mists”, mixing aqueous and oily phases, which keep the skin nourished and moisturized all day long. I discovered several nice “oil mists”  while I was in Korea and I will probably write some reviews when I have tried them all.

As a result, by extension, all honey-based products are also super popular! If you want to know more about them, I explained in detail why this ingredient is interesting for the skin in my focus on honey and propolis.

It’s not a surprise, many of South Korea’s cosmetic trends end up spreading to the rest of the world. Like the bloom of essences in Western skincare brands for example. So don’t be surprised if more and more “honey skin glow” skincare products launch in the coming months in the West!

I saw that Guerlain just released a 3 in 1 product, a serum/oil/water based on honey in its star range Abeille Royale. Maybe it’s the first sign of the arrival of the trend in the West, who knows? 😉

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