Rose Hermès Spring Collection 2021

Rose Hermès, Spring collection 2021

Silky Blush and Rosy Lip Enhancer

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After the launch of their Rouge Hermès last year, the French luxury company continues to expand its makeup line with Rose Hermès, for Spring 2021. This collection remains on the same path, with a focus on luxury, but also contemporary, durable and refillable products. I tried it, let me tell you what I think 🙂

I will not go over the whole genesis of Hermès makeup again because I’ve already mentioned it in detail in my article dedicated to the Rouge Hermès lipsticks and the same designers are in charge again this time.

Clearly, as for the previous collection, the packaging has been very carefully designed and the Rose Hermès products are truly desirable objects! The references to the cult items of the luxury brand are always visible, as a tribute to the century-old expertise of this former saddler with an exquisite knowledge and experience to sublimate everyday objects so well.

This first 2021 collection is all about Spring as it has focused on a delicate and even floral color, Pink (Rose in French).

Let’s see the definition of Rose by Hermès!

Rose Hermès Silky Blush:

Let’s start with the star of this collection, with the eight shades of the Rose Hermès Silky Blush, the first blush from the brand!

There are actually nine shades, but one of them is exclusive to the Chinese market, which is a prime target for the brand. The Rose Poivré shade, described as “the pink of a Persian night wrapped in spices, vibrant yet muted, soft and elegant” is indeed only available in China.

Inside its compact and lightweight white and gold pop round case designed by Pierre Hardy is a mineral pressed powder with a soft and airy texture, like the silk of the famous Hermès Carrés. When you open the case, the surface of the powder is a tribute to the famous twill weave, the company’s signature for its delicate silk scarves.

Its texture is soft, natural, with a semi-matte finish for a transparent skin-like effect. It’s a mineral powder, which contains vitamin E for an antioxidant effect that is always appreciated. The “nez” of the brand, Christine Nagel, concocted especially for these Blushes a fresh and light fragrance with notes of arnica, sandalwood essence and green tea.

Needless to say, when you look at it, the packaging is very beautiful: these playful and very feminine curves, this almost theatrical black and white (the outside is white, but the inside of the case is black), the little reminder of the brand with with the golden ex-libris, emblem of Hermes for almost a century… The details definitely count here!

But if I’m honest, something bothered me a bit.

The packaging is meant to be durable, and therefore, it is refillable. I was a little surprised that the refill is not magnetic. The blush pan is pretty easy to remove (there’s a little notch on the bottom of the case to be able to push it out with a pin to remove and change it) but it’s just stuck on with glue, like a regular blush.

It’s also pretty lightweight, especially when I compare it to the lipsticks. This also surprised me. I was expecting something heavier in my hand. I imagine that the brand wanted to favor the easy to carry and portable side of this compact but I confess that it disappointed me a little…

In short, on paper, the Rose Hermès Silky Blush is a very desirable object but “in person”, the compact is not completely satisfying. And at $77 a blush, it should be perfect!


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The 8 shades are inspired by the sensual shades of the Carrés, with the Pink in the spotlight for this collection. From the delicate and fresh spring pink, through the deeper intense raspberry, to the warm bronze pink that warms the complexion, there is something for everyone! They are all very flattering and match all skin tones!

I chose Rose Tan, a bronzy pink shade, quite warm, perfect for summer (and even after).

As for application, I didn’t fall for one of the very pretty brushes proposed by the brand with this collection. The release of these blushes was indeed accompanied by two brushes, and a blush case in bright pink leather, very pretty, but with a price that will make you blush without needing any makeup (around $3600).

I use my blush with a classic powder brush and it blends well, is very easy to apply, and it lasts pretty well (on me, 6 hours on average).

In short, if I summarize, the first Hermès blush is good, but as I said above, the packaging disappointed me a little, especially for the price, so I can’t really say it’s great…

The Rose Hermès Silky Blush retails for $77 ($48 for the refill).

Rosy Lip Enhancer:

With this Rose Hermès collection, the brand also introduced a new finish in its lip products.

There was already the matte and satin finishes that I talked about in my first article on Hermes makeup. The Rosy Lip Enhancer is a lip balm, so it’s quite sheer but it has the characteristic of being semi-matte and not shiny like this type of texture usually is.

It’s very trendy at the moment (the influence of the mask maybe?) and I must admit I really dig it!

Did I need another lip balm in my collection? No. Did I want to add this very chic and beautifully packaged lip balm to my collection? Yes, absolutely.

The inspiration for the packaging is the same as for the lipsticks, but this time, it has this delicate touch of pink (which goes so well with the gold, right? They’re irresistible, let me tell you!).

What are the Rouge Hermes lipsticks like? Makeup What are the Rouge Hermes lipsticks like? If there was one makeup release that was eagerly expected by lipstick addicts around the world at the beginning of 2020, it was definitely the Rouge Hermès launch! Indeed, the famous luxury brand Hermès decided to venture into makeup last year. I had the opportunity to try these very chic lipsticks. You can find my thoughts below! Read more

By the way, if you prefer the packaging of the Rosy Lip Enhancers to the lipsticks, you can totally use a lipstick refill with the balm packaging, it works!

The finish of the Rosy Lip Enhancer is exactly what I’m craving right now, “glowy” but matte and there’s a very flattering blurring effect on the lips. For this finish, Hermès was inspired by the touch of the Veau Butler calf, developed by Hermès in 2012; the name, similar to the word butter, evokes unctuousness.

The formula of these Rosy Lip Enhancers contains sesame seed and raspberry seed oils to give comfort to the lips. Their fragrance signature, designed once again by Christine Nagel, features accords of sandalwood, arnica and angelica. It’s extremely light and refined, very pleasant to use!

The Rosy Lip Enhancers comes in three shades: Rose Abricoté, Rose D’Été and Rose Tan.

I chose Rose Tan, because I really liked the idea of a warm pink, but in reality, on me, it’s more of a “mauvy” pink with a bit of a brown undertone, but pretty cool. I guess it depends a lot on your lip color to begin with (mine are naturally fairly pink). Anyway, it’s not very pigmented, it’s still a balm, but it enhances the color of the lips nicely!

As for the staying power, it only lasts a few hours but I must admit that the staying power is not a very important factor for me with a lip product. I love to reapply it during the day (especially with such a pretty packaging!). You can easily carry it, it remains protected with its pretty canvas cover (yes, well, clearly, it will be easier to do that when you can go outside again and put your lipstick without a mask!)

The Hermès Rosy Lip Enhancer retail for $67 ($42 for a refill).

In conclusion:

Rose Hermes is a magnificent collection on paper (and in photos!) (yes, it counts in the Instagram era) but in real life, it’s not as satisfying as I would have liked…

The packaging of the Silky Blush had to be perfect for its price, especially, and it leaves me with a little taste of unfinished… The product inside is pretty, and very pleasant to wear, but as we know, with Hermes, the object that contains it is as (or maybe even more?) important!

The Rouge Hermès blew me away; I’m waiting to see the rest of the makeup launches, hoping that the next ones will be perfect again!

The Rose Hermès Silky Blush retails for $77 ($48 for the refill).

The Hermès Rosy Lip Enhancer retails for $67 ($42 for a refill).

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